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LT Express 2 is a complete utilities library for AutoCAD LT that makes designing in AutoCAD LT easier. 

There are more than 100 commands aimed to enhance AutoCAD LT environment management and save time when working with projects. 

One of the new features that LT Express 2 brings to AutoCAD LT is the possibility to use and edit blocks, external references, attributes, texts, layers, selection aids, dimensions, etc. The complete list of functions shows all the new features in LT Express 2

Icons in LT Express 2 are grouped according to the entity types previously mentioned. LT Express 2 is the most complete aid for AutoCAD LT. It works in a familiar environment, providing dialog boxes for data input and a drop-down menu integrated into AutoCAD LT basic menus.


Runs on AutoCAD LT2002 - LT2010, AutoCAD 2002 - 2010,
(only 32 bit versions). 
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